The firm's services include legal advice and representation in litigation in a wide range of legal areas.

Labour law

Employment contracts, protection against dismissal, wage claims, etc.

An essential focus of our expertise is labour law. Labour law covers all legal relationships between employers and employees. The DUAL law firm represents both sides. Labour law typically covers topics such as the drafting of employment contracts, termination, protection against dismissal, termination agreements, severance pay, wage claims, remuneration systems, warnings, mobbing, restructuring, the Works Constitution Act, transfer of undertakings and references. In these areas, we can provide you with targeted advice and support - regardless of which side you are on. 

The basis between employer and employee: The employment contract is a binding agreement between an employer and an employee. The intentions of the parties should always be clear from the content of the AV, which sets out responsibilities and a mutual benefit. Before signing, it is therefore highly advisable in the interest of both parties to have a professional review of these contracts.

Do you know the details of the KSchG (Dismissal Protection Act)? We at DUAL stand by employers and employees with advice & in case of emergency. From termination agreements to severance payments to actions for protection against dismissal, we are your contact in matters of labour law.

Every third employee either receives no severance pay at all or far too little severance pay. Use our Severance calculator or book an appointment for a consultation today. The sooner you book an appointment, the sooner we can help. As we are digitally and DSGVO compliant, we can advise you online via video call.  

The constellation that, for example, the employer does not pay the wages on time, does not occur infrequently in practice. However, the question of the admissibility of different remuneration systems arises even before the serious case. When & how is the wage to be paid? What happens in the case of overpayment? And what regulations actually apply with regard to overtime and leave? We clarify!

Do you feel that you have been treated badly or unfairly by your employer or your colleagues? We inform you about your rights and support you in case of emergency.

Which wording actually corresponds to which assessment? And are there things you are not allowed to write? Or maybe you are just so busy with your daily work that there is no time left for appraisal letters... Whatever it may be - you are not alone! We help you with the formulation and review of all kinds of job references.

People with severe disabilities and so-called equals enjoy special protection in labour law. Are you affected and have the feeling that you are being treated unequally? We will be happy to advise you!

Decision-making position does not automatically mean that you are automatically equipped for every legal question - The Works Constitution Act (Betriebsverfassung BetrVG) regulates the fundamental order of cooperation between the employer and the employees' elected representation of interests in the workplace. This regulation is accompanied by a series of legal questions for which expert assistance is never a wrong decision.

Insurance law

Legal advice on insurance of all kinds

Another central focus of our legal work is in the area of legal expenses insurance! Because we know both sides! Years of working in legal protection insurance underpin our knowledge of numerous pretexts and tricks by which legal protection insurers try to prevent the granting of cover. Thus, in the event of any refusals, we can examine whether and to what extent they are justified. Even if legal expenses insurers reject your claim, the last word is usually far from being said and for us at DUAL Rechtsanwaltskanzlei it is just then that things start to get exciting. Let our expertise speak for you. We look forward to being of service to you. 

Your insurance claim has been rejected by your legal expenses insurance? The last word has not yet been spoken! With our expertise in this area, we can help you quickly and effectively.

In the legal evaluation of expert opinions, errors in content also play a major role. Especially in the case of medical reports, experts often use old reports whose text is copied into the new report. In addition, experts often have already saved ready-made text modules which they use again and again without taking into account that these are not correct and distort the concrete case - even if they are only details that can be decisive in court. This results in erroneous decisions of the expert opinion that do not correspond to the truth, which can have serious consequences for the persons concerned. A legal examination can be worthwhile for the client here. 

In the event of disagreement between the policyholder and the legal expenses insurer on the question of coverage, the insurers are obliged under § 18 ARB (1994) to conduct arbitration proceedings at the policyholder's request.

The arbitrators are appointed by the Bar Association responsible for the policyholder's place of residence from among its members. Since February 2022, Ms Duygu Altun-Turak has been appointed as an arbitrator for insurance disputes by the Cologne Bar Association. 


You were not able to start your journey or had to interrupt the journey you had started or had imagined your holiday to be completely different after all? We will help you to assert your claims in the best possible way. We will be happy to advise you on your rights! 

You have been involved in an accident and your insurance company is refusing to pay? We independently examine the facts and help you assert your rights.

Do you have occupational disability insurance or occupational accident insurance and would like to make a claim? Or you are an employer and would like to have the decisions of your employers' liability insurance association checked? We know: Every 4th BG decision is incorrect! Contact us now for advice - we are here for you! 

Compliance & Data Protection


Compliance is a matter for the boss and a component of good corporate governance!

A compliance system not only creates legal certainty, but also increases the productivity of your company through clearly defined processes and responsibilities.     

This enables you to identify risks at an early stage so that you can react more quickly in crisis situations. As a TÜV-certified compliance officer, Ms Altun-Turak will be happy to support you in your compliance projects:  

- Support with the introduction of a compliance system or

- Support in the review of the existing compliance system.



Through our activities at various insurance companies, including, among other things, on a project basis in compliance departments, we can draw on a broad range of legal know-how. Since 2019, we have also held the TÜV-certified Compliance Officer qualification.

With regard to the cooperation of our business clients, it can be stated that long-term synergies can be generated by offering legal support and advice to companies in the area of compliance and data protection - especially also in Turkish & English. A correlation to the main focus areas, such as labour law, is also possible here (drafting employment contracts or adapting them to new legal requirements).

Data protection is becoming increasingly important for companies in Europe, because with the entry into force of regulations and compliance measures such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Schrems II, companies face costs in the millions if they do not comply with them. 

As a TÜV-certified data protection officer, Ms Altun-Turak can shine for you with comprehensive knowledge in data protection law. This means for you: Our law firm is always at your side with legal advice and is also happy to support companies on a project basis as well as with international data protection law issues and the review of comprehensive evidence for court proceedings as a Relativity Reviews Specialist in English and Turkish. 

In the area of data protection, the range of services offered by DUAL Law Office primarily includes the following:

  • Legal advice on data protection law including related areas of law. 
  • Project support in data protection issues in Turkish, German & English
  • Preparation of expert opinions and statements under data protection law
  • Drafting and negotiating data protection and IT contracts
  • Data protection compliance projects
  • Representation in judicial and regulatory proceedings
  • Training for companies/private individuals

International Business Law/
Turkish commercial law

Full commitment for you!

A further focus of interest and our competence lies in the area of international business law, which is underpinned by completion of essential areas of the specialist lawyer course in business law. DUAL Rechtsanwaltskanzlei is committed to the practical implementation of your economic goals at a high level, if required. 

We cooperate closely with internationally active tax consultants, management consultants and also specialised lawyers at home and abroad, among others in Turkey, the USA, England, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. With our network we help you to realise your economic wishes in a target-oriented way. 

Traffic law

Accident handling, insurance claims, electromobility & diesel scandal

Since February 2022, Ms Duygu Altun-Turak has been an arbitrator for insurance law at the Cologne Bar Association.

If you have been involved in a car accident and need help to obtain your rights or compensation, we represent both victims of road accidents seeking justice for damages and tortfeasors to minimise the risk of litigation.

As an injured party, it is not advisable to leave the settlement of the claim to the opposing insurance company or to conduct the correspondence with them yourself. In this case, a complete settlement of the claim is often not guaranteed due to the economic self-interest of the insurer.

For precisely this reason, it is advisable to seek the expert advice of a lawyer so that your interests are also fully protected.

We accompany you through the claims settlement process and advise you on the entire procedure in the event of a claim. We work closely with experts and surveyors to determine the exact facts and the extent of the damage in order to represent your interests in the best possible way.

In addition to the enforcement of accident claims, we are there for you when dealing with the criminal and regulatory authorities in proceedings concerning fines and administrative offences! 

Medical law - medical liability

We make sure that you are not led around by the nose

As a law firm, we can act for you in the area of medical law in various ways to assert your rights and interests. We do not see our clients as a case, but deal intensively with their problems. The rights of our clients are important to us. Therefore, if necessary, we use our network for you in order to keep the litigation and cost risk for you as low as possible. Especially medically injured patients who have suffered pain or damage after treatments or operations on the musculoskeletal system, we offer an initial consultation on the phone or by video call as quickly as possible.

Many victims of medical malpractice mostly do not know whether it is "worthwhile" to take action against the doctor or the clinic or the liability insurance.

Many people feel bad when they go to the doctor sick and come home even sicker. They often believe that medical errors are responsible for this. But how should a patient proceed in such cases? What claims do you have and how can you enforce them? This can also be done by vMany victims of medical malpractice are initially unable to assess for themselves whether or not
against the treating doctor or the clinic and thus against their liability insurance
can be proceeded with successfully. Here we can advise you comprehensively, because most of the Errors lie here: 

  • in the faulty treatment (so-called treatment error)
  • in breach of any duty to inform before during and after treatment
  • Breach of documentation obligations
  • Poor hospital hygiene and the resulting diseases
  • Organisational deficiencies.

Here we help you by inspecting your medical records to determine whether there have been any treatment errors and thus reduce the risk of litigation and costs for you - for example by reviewing any medical reports. We can, for example, take legal action against a hospital or clinic if it has breached obligations & laws under medical law. We can also advise and support you when it comes to questions of medical liability law, for example in the enforcement of claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering, or support you in the enforcement of your criminal proceedings in this regard through cooperations with excellent criminal defence lawyer colleagues.

The topic of "medical reports" is a central focus of our work. We focus on the legal assessment of medical reports initiated by insurance companies, in particular on the examination of the reports. If a private expert opinion is commissioned by an insurer from one of the expert opinion institutes, for example in order to reduce disability benefits, it is worthwhile to have the medical expert opinion reviewed by a lawyer specialising in insurance law.

It is not uncommon for medical reports to be carried out as a favour: We know from experience that in most cases medical reports are at the expense of the insured person. This prevents a large payment that could help maintain the standard of living or support home modifications that promote health or accessibility. By reviewing the expert reports the cost risk for you as a medically injured party is reduced in a planned action against the respective insurance company. 


Suspicion of fraud on the internet? We provide professional help.

DUAL Law Firm also specialises in defending clients in cybercrime cases. We have many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the field of cyber law and can therefore offer you competent and reliable support in defending yourself against cybercrime - whether you are a victim or a recipient of suspicious allegations.

We advise you in detail about your legal options and stand by you every step of the way.

Trust in the competence and experience of our law firm and contact us if you need assistance with your defence. If necessary, we can also bring competent specialist lawyers in criminal law on board, with whom we also cooperate.

Right of residence

Advice on the topic of immigration law & migration law

On the subject of the right of residence, we particularly support highly qualified workers who are interested in a so-called "EU Blue Card" as a residence title in Germany. In particular, we can offer support to workers of Turkish and Israeli origin through cooperation with lawyers from Israel and Turkey, but we also draw on our wealth of experience for foreign workers from third countries. In addition to comprehensive support on the subject of the right of residence, we will accompany you through the entire granting procedure and help you to take over the correspondence with the authorities in question. In the event of a refusal to grant or withdrawal of the EU Blue Card we represent clients out of court or - if the case demands it - also in court.

The EU Blue Card was developed to give highly qualified foreigners from outside Europe the opportunity to immigrate permanently to Germany. We accompany you from your expression of will to become an employee in Germany, through the bureaucracy involved, to obtaining the work & residence permit within the framework of the "Blue Card".

If you want to work in Germany as a person of foreign origin, you will have to deal with the local bureaucracy and official documents. But you are not alone in this - we will help you with any correspondence with the relevant authorities and give you professional instructions on the procedure and requirements of the work permit.

Have your employment contract professionally reviewed - this applies to both the employer and the employee. Legal questions, translations as well as the current conditions of labour law are clarified and taken into account at all times during a professional review by the DUAL law firm. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

And much more

They tell us how we may become active.

If you are looking for professional and reliable support in your legal matters, then you have come to the right place. Ms. Altun-Turak, lawyer, and the DUAL law firm are at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with individual and comprehensive advice. Whether in the field of consumer protection, labour law or criminal law, we offer you the best possible support and represent your interests competently and successfully. Do not hesitate and contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.