Criminal Law & Cybercrime

Area of law Criminal law (cybercrime, negative evaluations or statements, insult on the internet, criminal law in road traffic (insult § 185 StGB, § 142 StGB), cyberbullying, defamation, slander)

...if you are scammed on the internet

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The number of potential customers who inform themselves about their company on the Internet before making a purchase decision is constantly increasing. Internet reviews are an important influencing factor. According to a survey published by Statista®, already 10 years ago 84 percent of the respondents said they would buy from a previously unknown online shop if the user ratings were positive. The rating sections on the pages of various sales portals such as eBay® or Amazon® now include a large number of rating portals, often industry-specific. An unjustified bad rating on the Internet and the associated reputational damage can lead to considerable financial losses for the rated entrepreneur. Even taking action against negative reviews can become an unedifying activity. Most reviews are submitted anonymously or under a pseudonym. 

Direct action against the reviewer is therefore ruled out in the first step. Therefore, the rating portal or search engine is the only party that can file a claim. However, many of those affected often fail to even find the right contact person there. E-mails or faxes are often not answered.
In addition, the field of law is complex and characterised by the case law of the Federal Supreme Court. Due to my legal expertise, I can find the right contact person and enforce claims.  

Agencies can be found on the Internet that supposedly take over a deletion just as quickly and easily. However, these providers are not lawyers. Strictly speaking, these companies are also not allowed to offer such services at all. The offer of a marketing agency to have negative reviews of their customers deleted from Google or other review services is inadmissible, as this is to be seen as a legal service which, according to the Legal Services Act, may only be provided by lawyers (LG Hamburg, judgement of 28.06.2019 - 315 O 255/18).